Achieve MD Services


  • Informational Workshops
  • Evaluations and Testing
  • One-on-one appointments with Achieve MD provider
  • Quotient ADHD Testing – Computer based objective testing


  • Individual/Family counseling sessions
  • Cognitive – behavioral training
  • Social skills groups


  • Individualized support
  • Learning style assessments
  • Study skills strategies
  • Collaboration with parents, teachers & students
  • Guidance and advocacy during 504 Plan and IEP development process


  • Adult ADHD support groups
  • Parent support groups
  • Career Track program

Licensed provider for Pearson’s Cogmed working memory training computer program

Medical Support
Evaluations and Testing

Prior to each visit, we like to know as much as we can about you or your child, how they learn, and how they respond in different environments. There is no single “TEST” for ADHD, but it is helpful to evaluate the classroom and parent perceptions through survey forms. Additionally, we objectively assess how the brain responds to computer testing and evaluate the client’s ability to focus for periods of time through use of the Quotient Test. It is also helpful for clients to bring previous report cards, teacher evaluations, and any educational or psychological testing that has already been performed.

One-on-One appointment with Achieve MD provider

Our providers offer a warm and welcoming environment at Achieve MD. During your first visit, clients spend valuable time with the physician and counselor to discuss concerns. Our positive and non-judgmental perspective helps the client feel comfortable and assists the provider in creating an individualized plan for treatment. We are very proud of the time that we invest in our client’s well-being.


Quotient ADHD Testing – Computer based objective testing

The Quotient System is the only neural assessment tool that objectively measures micro-motion associated with ADHD. It is an FDA-approved and evidenced-based assessment tool that supports the diagnostic process. The Quotient ADHD Test provides quantitative data on specific brain functions and movements associated with hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention. The Quotient ADHD Test also quantifies the severity of deficits related to hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention. Clients and their family members can see the problem on paper. With everyone on the same page, the conversation about next steps is more productive and efficient.

For more information on Quotient Testing, go here.

Behavioral Support
Psycho-education about ADHD

Upon your first visit, parents and clients receive a wealth of information about ADHD and Fast Braiin. We arm you with current literature on best practices for improved life at home, school, and work. Clients and parents are always encouraged to learn as much as they can about how to get the most out of their fast brains.

On-Site Counseling Services

Sometimes additional counseling is helpful to address other mental health issues that can co-occur with ADHD. Achieve MD has a Licensed Professional Counselor that can provide extra support and help with these concerns. Our physician and counselor coordinate care to provide comprehensive treatment for the individual and family. We use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to discover thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Strength-Based Approach

Our providers understand that you are the expert on your child. We listen to your concerns and help you to explore client and family strengths. At Achieve MD, we celebrate our client’s talents and abilities. We discuss the benefits of Fast Braiin, such as the ability to hyper-focus, creativity, persistence, and zest for life!

Educational Support
Fast Braiin Learning Method

At Achieve MD, we teach the Fast Braiin Learning Method. This method is a unique and positive approach that capitalizes on movement, learning style, and cognitive speed. For more information, visit:

Learning Style Assessments

During your second visit at Achieve MD, our counselor assesses individual learning styles and teaches how to learn according to your style. We emphasize the importance of movement, music, diet, and exercise in daily life as effective interventions for ADHD.

Study Skills/Life Skills

We educate our clients how to CHANGE THEIR LIVES, in order to get the most from their fast brains through a variety of study and work techniques. These new skills involve lots of movement and breaks to make the most of focused time during work and school.

Working Memory Training

Achieve MD is a licensed provider of Pearson’s Cogmed Working Memory Training Program. Cogmed is an evidence-based, non-medical intervention that can increase attention. Our Cogmed coach supports the individual during a 5-week computer training program. Training is completed at home and success is monitored by the coach at Achieve MD. For more information, visit:

Educational Advocacy

Our Educational Coordinator can provide assistance for parents working with schools for academic accommodations through an educational plan. The coordinator advocates for our clients and parents, while supporting them through this process. Achieve MD provides documentation and individualized suggestions for appropriate academic accommodations in educational settings.

Adult Programs
Parent Information Sessions

Achieve MD offers opportunities for parents to explore the best techniques for parenting the Fast Braiin child. Evidence supports that individuals with ADHD respond better with positive encouragement to make behavioral changes. Our providers provide parents with research-based strategies to try at home and in school. Our sessions focus on physical well-being, academic success, positive discipline, and social/emotional growth.

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